Unknown Tips And Tricks Of Whatsapp : Android

Many people wake up in the morning with checking Whatsapp messages notifications. Many other people may busy during day time to reply message so they give reply at night when they go to sleep. Beside send and receive message, this app is now popular for doing gossiping, chatting and many other urgent work. But do you know that besides reply during day time, the facility of instant messages, chatting facilities there are also many other features in Whatsapp?
We often see that the version of apps are updated. With this up-gradation some new features are added. Sometimes the new features are hidden and you cannot find them. So most of the time you are unaware about what can be done with your WhatsApp app. Here are some tips and tricks by which you can use many of these features:
whatsapp verification tips and tricks
1. Two step verification: now with the two step verification you 
can protect your whatsapp more than before. If your smart phone is stolen
 you have nothing to worry for whatsapp. To use whatsapp with your 
registered number by other device have to put six digits "pass-code" that 
was set by you.  Without the six digits "pass-code" the two step verification
 is unsupported. So someone else is unable to use your number as whatsapp.
whatsapp group chat tips and tricks
2. Who reads your text at group chat: it is easy top understand
 that your friend reads your text or not by the blue colour tick next to your
 message at one to one chat. But the problem is in group chat.  The more 
than one number  members in group chat is reading your message or not
 you cant understand.  But there is a way to understand.  After typing the 
message hold for a while, an 'i' button will appear. Click the button to find 
out who is reading your message.
Earpiece plug in tips and tricks
3. Without plugging in earpiece listen voice message at 
earpiece mode: 
there is no chance to write message so your friend sent you a voice message. But without eraphones how you will hear the
 message in the midst of so many people? The trick lies in your whatsapp. Click on the voice message 'Play' button and place the phone on your ear
 immediately. Voice messages will be sent automatically to the earpiece- mode from the speaker-mode.


4. The reply of aspecific message can be also given in
 group chat: in the group chat different friends send different messages
 at a time. But how can you reply to a specific message? That’s a easy work. 
Just tap and hold on to the message. You will see a backward arrow button 
on the head. Click the button and there will be a space to reply below the
 specific message. Write here the reply and send.
whatsapp tips and tricks
5. Whatsapp allows you to bold and italic your reply: dou you
 want to bold or italic any of your message at whatsapp? Just use the (*)
 symbol before and after of your text and send.  Your test will be bold at 
your chat window. On the other hand, use the underscore (_) symbol 
before and after of your text, the text will be italic.
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