Five Tips And Tricks FOR Andriod Phone That You Should Know

Most Android phones already quite easy to use, but with a few simple tips and tricks you can
 make them more enjoyable and effective. Since Android is an open platform, there is 
plenty of scope for customization. Some easy tricks can make your phone easy to use 
and make the battery life more lasting.
Some tips and tricks that should know
the android users:

tips and tricks android


1. SET UP GOOGLE: Set Google as your personal assistant, open the Google app.
 Then fill your choice. You can get notifications of your favorite stocks, sports team from
 Google. By using the Google's Google Maps you can enjoy the benefits of GPS.
android launcher
2. Customize your Android phone by replacing Launchers and lock
 screen: Everyday tired of the same day the weather widget? You can change the
 interface of your Android phone from Google Play and you can download that for free.
power saving android
3. Get the Power Savings Mode enabled: Navigate to the Settings menu
 in order to save battery life, and turn on the power savings mode. Some phones are
 with very high-level battery mode. For example, you can call, browse the Internet,
 send text, and you can use a few stock apps with Galaxy S5's Ultra Power Savings 
android chorme
GOOGLE ACCOUNT: Signed in to Chorome browser on your phone with your 
Google account then your bookmarks and preferences will automatically carry.
android application


5. TRY TO ARRANGE APPS IN TO FOLDERS: You can create some folders
 by devided your apps in to different catagories. It reduces disturbance and makes it 
easier and faster for your needs.

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