Snapdragon Vs Mediatek Processor On Android Phone




If you have any confusion about processor you can read this post. Usually Snapdragon and MediaTek processor is used on mobile. Actually Snapdragon and MediaTek is SOC (System On Chip). CPU, GPU, MODEM etc are in SOC.Now, SOC is explained in detail as follows:

Snapdragon is produced by the chipset Qualcomm (American) company. In a Snapdragon chipset SOC there is a CPU, a GPU, image processor, a media processor, DSP (digital signal processor), cellular modem unit, WiFi module, radio module, GPS module etc. Due to these modules and processor their chips are very expensive.


Battery Life: Snapdragon chipset gives the best life than other battery in terms of efficiency.


Performance: Snapdragon chipset provides the best performances. It’s pretty effective in doing Multi-tasking, gaming and managing heavy and intensive action.

Heating problem: Snapdragon processor usually (except Snapdragon chipset 810) produces less heat than MediaTek.

Graphics: They normally use using their own graphics that is called Andreno graphics. Here both the CPU and GPU to provide the best efficiency.Beside this Snapdragon also do a lot of research on SOC.



It is a Taiwanese company. They made processor like eight-core, six-core and ten core.

Battery Life: According to chipset performance Mediatek using too much battery. Due to the use of more cores they are backward in terms of battery life.

Performance: Performance of their processor is very good. Due to the extra core Mediatek processor are able to do intensive and heavy tasks and they are very good at multi. If it has enough RAM then it’s core can provide maximum efficiency.

Heating problem: The biggest problem of Mediatek is that, it becomes hot within a short time. Due to greater core more heat is produced.

Graphics: Mediatek uses Mali graphics, which is a third-party graphics. As a result CPU and GPU are different and do not match the performances of all time. Beside these Mediatek does not do any research, they only buy the parts sold by the SOC. They just only buy the parts and sold them after converting into SOC.



Overall, considering all the things it can be said that though the price is high Snapdragon chipset is the best.

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