Tips And Tricks Of Playing YouTube Video On Background Of Your Android

Hello friends how are you? Don’t be surprised to watch this topic. Yes, it is possible to play you tube videos when you do other work in your phone like pc. It’s nothing complicated. You can do it so easily.

Tips and tricks


Here we
show you the method of how to play YouTube
videos in the background on Android:

1. At first install
Mozilla or Firefox browser from the play store of your android phone.

2. Now go to the you

3. Now from the
right side of you tube click on the desktop option.

4. Then the desktop
version of you tube will be shown to your phone.

5. Now play any
video from you tube.

6. After that click
on the home button and you will see the magic. Your video is going to hear on


By following this
tips and tricks you can easily solve your problem and can enjoy your favorite music.

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