Tips And Tricks Of Converting 1 GB File To Just 10 MB : PC

Sometimes a lot of friends want to send large files, mobile. But the 1 GB /2 GB is quite difficult to send the file. This tips and tricks of today is how to compress a large to small. By this tricks you can even make a 2/1 gb file to just 10 mb.


→ First, by clicking here download the short application.

→ Once you download and install it.

→ Think it has been installed

→ Now by double-clicking the desktop icon open it.

→ The file you want to compress just select locations.

→ Now click “Compress files” then click on the “Next” button.

→ Click the KGB by clicking on the ADD DIRECTORY

→ It is showing work in progress, so wait a little bit, after a little bit you will see the end of compressing

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