Andriod Users Have Five More better Facilities than IOS user (Must Read)

Andriod have more facilities in using some specific apss rather then ios. We will discuss about that below

1. Google map:

In IOS you can install google apps but it’s not flexible to find all place pont or get available notification like android. There have some limitation using google map in IOS rather then android. You will get notification but can’t make it default application in IOS. Apple map have some lacking of places, root or streets. In android you will find every place by using google map.

2. Smart calling: 

One of the popular crowed source of phone directory service is Truecaller. You can use Truecaller in both IOS and android but in some different way. In android you can see unknown caller list of name but in IOS  you can’t see the list of name. In this way andriod user getting more facilty from smart calling.


3. Record Phone Calls:

You can use or install any call recording apps in android easily but of IOS it’s not the same case. If you want to use recording phone call applications then you have to use it under third part with subscription service fee.

4. Two apps run at a once or Split:

In iPhone you can’t use two apps at a once. it is possible in android and iPad. In 2012 Samsung launched multi window feature and now it’s found in other android phones. Google android 7.0 Nut defaulted multi-windows feature.

5. Google photo backup:

You can backup your photos and video in Google photo for free. It’s a marvelous invention of Google. Google photo backup service is more better than ios services. Ios fristly give you only 5GB data saving for free but google photo gives you 15GB. User use 5GB in a month in ios. For extra space you have to pay in both. Besides there are are more facility which are easily available for general user in andriod.

Thanks for reading 🙂

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