Five Important Tips And Tricks To Protect Your Android Phone From Virus

We usually use our android phone for many important work. Many people use Android phone as personal assistant and save bank account information as well as many important information. Hackers are always ready and trying to hack your information through malware, Virus.
Here are Five important tips and tricks which will help you to protect your android phone from Virus.

1. Do not install any unknown apps:
Recently Hackers are using a technique by process they sent you message  through email, messenger or other application which contain their application. if You click, they can easily hack your phone and your important information. Be aware of this.

2. Install apps from Google play or trust-able app store:
Amazon App Store is a trustable app store. They check every app individually. You Can Use it or other apps store which you trust.

Android unknown sources

3. Off the option “Install from unknown sources”:

“Install from unknown sources” means that you can install apps from anywhere, verified or not. There are many security risk if you do not turn off the option. Mark Verify apps there. So that Your device can get sure about this app from internet before installing.

4. Read permissions before installing Apps:
This is the best way to protect your phone from unwanted apps. After reading those permissions you can understand about their access. If you think any apps want  permission which is not related with the app works then that can be unsafe for your device. If Apps want Access about Contacts, Account information then try to avoid those apps.

5. You can install antivirus:
Many people use antivirus, many people not. What should you do? Then I can say that if you installed all apps from Google Play Store or verified App store, you don’t have to install antivirus. Google play Store scan every apps neatly. But for extra care you can install antivirus.

This five tips and tricks will help you to improve your android phone performence. Comment here if you have any question. We will try to give you solution.

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