Tips And Tricks About MIUI Phone Battery Saving And Charging

About 90% android users face problems regarding their phone battery and its charge. Ether their phones battery drains too fast or it damages within some day of buying their phone. These regular issues can be solved by following some little tips. Lets see in detail below:

Android Battery Drain

  1.  1st tip is common to you don’t use your mobile while charging. It damages battery cells and puts a lot of pressure on your phone and battery both. Ignore any kind of use of your phone while charging.
  2.  You don’t need to fully charge your phone after buying. Strange but its been said by MIUI forum.
  3. Always try to charge your phone using original  charger of your phone. Because it knows better how much or how frequently your phones need to be charged.
  4. Try to connect your charger when your phones charge is in between 20% to 30%.
  5. It is mandatory to connect charger and not use your phone when its charge is remaining less than or equal to 10%. If your phone switches off because of no charge its not too good for your phone.
  6. Keep charging your phone upto 10 minute though its fully charged (100%).
  7. Try to keep your phone in airplane mood while charging.
  8. Don’t argue regarding this post by comparing with mediatek phones. Mediatek phones consume more charge then snapdragon.
  9. Don’t try to charge other non branded phones using your xiaomi or original charger the phones battery will become pregnant 😀
  10. Sometime your phones charges too slowly it might be because to charging cable. If this kind of issue happens please try to change your cable first and then see.

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