Restore Your Deleted Files/Photos From Android Phone Easily

Sometimes we mistakely remove or delete some file/ Picture from our android phone. Today we’ll show how to recover files or photos which was deleted from Android. Well follow the steps below:-Note: Your mobile phone must be root.


1. At first download a free software. Whose name has been called  Dr Fone for Android by Wondershare. There are many software to recover. Among them is the best.

2. Install the software on your PC, then run the software.

3. Connect your mobile phone to PC via USB Cable. O, USB Debugging on your Andriod phone must be turned on. And if USB Debugging is turned off then go to Settings and turned it on.

If your phone is connected  then you must see the following category.
Click on the Gallery or other what ever you want to recover.

5. In the next step software will want to scan your files, Sometimes they will seek permission. Then allow “Always accept”.

Once Dr Fone get permission, it will analize your phone. Then the phone
will reboot. Some Pop up will come in display. Actually they have no
need. You just allow Dr Fone to do his job..See the below picture.

When Dr Fone analized your phone once, you will see some results on the
screen. See the picture below, it will help you. Then the photos or
file you need select them and click on the Recovery button. wait for
some time. Your photo or file will be recoverd

Comment us if you face any problem regarding this. Thanks for Visiting…:)

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