Eating chocolate or ice cream and drop a little part in to your attire!
 You may fall in trouble! The number of people is not less whose dress
 is stained with curry or broth. That is so irritating! We know the use
 of toothpaste or lemon to remove these spots. In addition, there are
 also some ways to remove stain easily. Now we will learn about that:
1. If your cloth gets stained at first wash with water before using any 
other thing.  If possible, soak in water for 4 to 5 hours.
2. If it is mud’s stain, first wash it with water. Then rub with soap and water.
 If the spot will not remove then rub with lemon or vinegar and dried in the 
3. To remove stain from cotton fabric, clothes stain powder, soda, chlorine 
can be used.
4. if your cloth stained with oily things keep the cloth with detergent powder
 then wash with water after some times.
5. To remove blood stain most of the time we use hot water. But hot water 
makes the spot permanent. So we should wash it with the water of normal temperature.
6. To wash up the mark of tea you can use milk.
7. To reduce pen ink stains on cotton you can use oxalic acid should be
 washed with ammonia solution. Milk can be used instead of ammonia.
8. You should never rub stain randomly. Add some spot removal on cotton 
or sponge and rub it roundly on stain. So the spot may not spread out.


9. If your cloth gets stained by chocolate or sauce, do not rub.  Soak it in
 cold water for 30 minutes and wash with water.




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